Chamber of Representatives approves emergency budget

The Chamber of Representatives has approved the emergency budget. An emergency budget was needed as the budget that had been drafted by Charles Michel’s then majority Federal Government had drafted for 2019. Had the emergency budget not been approved, the Federal Government would have no longer been able to raise tax revenue or spend any money. 

This in turn would mean that public sector employees would not be receive payment and bills would remain unpaid.

The Chamber of Representatives have voted to grant the minority government provisional credit for the first three months of next year. The credit also known as “provisional twelfths” is calculated based on this year’s budget. 

The Federal Government will have at its disposal the equivalent of three twelfths of the budget for 2018. All the party voted for the emergency budget with the exception of the three Federal MPs from the far-right Vlaams Belang and the two Federal MPs from the hard-left PVDA-PTB.  

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