King accepts Federal Government’s resignation

The Belgian Head of State King Filip has accepted the Federal Government’s resignation. However this doesn’t mean that there will be early federal elections as the incumbent Prime Minister Charles Michel’s team will remain as a caretaker government that will take care of day-to-day business, but won’t be able to take any new initiatives until the date that had been set for the federal elections in May. 

On Friday morning the King met with the leader of hard-left PVDA Peter Mertens the last party leader to visit him. Afterwards the Speaker of the Chamber of Representatives Siegfried Bracke met with the King followed by the Prime Minister Charles Michel (Francophone liberal).

Mr Michel stayed with the King for around half an hour rand left the Royal Palace without commenting to journalists at around 12 noon. A little later a press statement was released stating that the King had accepted the PM’s resignation and that the incumbent minority government will remain in charge of day-to-day business until the federal, regional and European elections in May next year.

King Filip has asked those with political responsibility to offer “appropriate answers to the economic, budgetary and institutional challenges facing the people in areas including social issues and the environment”.   

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