Teenager gives cash he found to a good cause

A 13-year-old boy from the West Flemish town of Torhout has given 1,000 euro of the 1,050 euro that he found on train while on a school trip, to a good cause. Chase Van den Broucke found the money in small bag that had been dumped in a rubbish bin on the train. 

Although at first he did think to keep the money and not say anything, the youngster told Radio 2 West Flanders that “Something like that always comes out eventually and all my classmates were watching". So Chase took the money took his teacher and together they took the money to a police station in Torhout.

A year later the money had not been claimed so it was returned to the boy that had found it. Together with his parents Chase Van den Broucke decided that it would be best to donate the lion’s share of the money to a good cause.       

Nobody claimed the cash

Although Chase found the money more than a year ago it has not been claimed. When he and his mother visited the police station recently about an unrelated matter she asked the police if the money had been claimed.

The bag containing the money was still at the police station and it was given to the honest teenager that had found it. However, he has decided to give 1,000 euro to a deserving charity, keeping just 50 euro of the cash for himself. Chase has also been given a 100 voucher that he can spend at a shop in Torhout. 

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