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Brussels student detained in Hungary

A student from Brussels is among those detained during anti-government demonstrations in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Adrien Beauduin, who is studying for a doctorate, took to the streets with thousands of other demonstrators to protester against the Hungarian government’s new labour laws.

He was detained during a demonstration and was accused of violent behaviour against a police officer. The Brussels Francophone regional media platform BX1 reports that Mr Beauduin was held in custody for 2 days before being released on 14 December.

Nevertheless, that is not the end of it for the student as he risks a custodial sentence of between 2 and 8 years. His solicitor has managed to get his case postponed until January. Meanwhile, Mr Beauduin is gathering video footage to prove his innocence.       

The Brussels gender studies student is studying for a doctorate at the Central European University of Budapest.

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