Raf Simons is leaving Calvin Klein

The Flemish fashion designer Raf Simons is leaving the American fashion label Calvin Klein. News that the 50 year-old designer who is originally from Neerpelt in Limburg province is quitting appears in a number of American media outlets.

Over the past few weeks there has been much speculation about Raf Simons’ future with the fashion label.

Raf Simons became Calvin Klein’s Chief Creative Officer in 2016. He is reported to be leaving “on good terms. Calvin Klein wants to head in a new direction that differs from Raf Simons’ creative vision.

Raf Simons’ leaving the label will mean that Calvin Klein won’t be showing off a new collection at next February’s New York Fashion Show.

Raf Simons had 8 months to go on his contract with Calvin Klein. Previously he worked for the French label Dior.


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