Socialists vote to support Antwerp coalition

The members of the Antwerp Branch of the Flemish socialist party SP.A have voted to approve the coalition agreement struck between their party, the Flemish nationalists and the liberals. From the start of next month The City of Antwerp will be governed by a new coalition lead by same Mayor, the Flemish nationalist Bart De Wever. 

The announcement that an agreement had been reached was made on Friday (photo above). However, it needed to be approved by the three parties’ local branches before the new coalition became official.

While little if any resistance to the agreement was expected from the local branches of the nationalist or liberal the same was not true of the socialists.

Over the year, there has been a lot of animosity between the socialists and the nationalists, in particular the nationalist leader and Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever, over the years. Consequently the support of the local party rank and file could not be taken for granted. In the end 196 of those that cast their votes voted in favour of the agreement, 78 voted against and there were 4 abstentions.  

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