Nicolas Maeterlinck

1 million Belgians took part in Roman Catholic Christmas celebrations last year

According to figures from the Belgian Conference of Bishops almost a million Belgians either attended church or watched or listened to a Roman Catholic religious service on television or radio during the Christmas period last. 

One in eleven Belgians took part in religious celebrations of Christmas in 2017. The figures come from the eight Belgian dioceses. Last year 595,970 people attended Mass at their local parish church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Most of these attended and evening service of midnight Mass. The figures don’t take in to account services held in abbeys, monasteries and in care homes.          

In addition to those that went to church in person a further 335,000 people either watch a religious service on television or listened to Mass being celebrated on the radio.

Midnight Mass on the VRT was good for 130,000 viewers.

With more than 595,000 people having attended church in person and 335,000 other having watch or listened on TV or radio a total of 930,000 people in Belgian actively took part in Roman Catholic Christmas celebrations. 

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