5 nationalists, 3 socialists and 1 liberal in Antwerp new city cabinet

The names of the men and women that will be Aldermen in the City of Antwerp’s new City Cabinet have been announced. From the start of the new year the largest municipal authority in Flanders will be governed by a coalition made up of Flemish nationalists, socialist and liberals. The incumbent Mayor Bart De Wever (Flemish nationalist) will remain in office for another six-year term.   

The nationalists will also provide 5 of the 9 Aldermen. Nabilla Ait Daoud, Koen Kennis will continue as Aldermen, while the current Chair of the Social Services Council Fons Duchateau is to become a nationalist Aldermen as is Annick de Ridder.

Like now, the liberals will have one Alderman, Claude Marinower.

According to the conditions of the coalition agreement, the socialists are entitled to 3 Aldermen. The names of 2 of them, Tom Meeuws and Jinnih Beels have been announced. However, it is still unclear who the 3rd socialist Alderman will be.   

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