"Insure yourself against D.I.V.O.R.C.E."

For the first time an insurer in Belgium is offering a policy that covers holders against the cost of a divorce.  ARAG is the first insurer to offer the coverage on the Belgian market.

Wauthier Robyns of the insurance federation Assuralia says there was certainly a demand for this kind of service!  Under legal support coverage the policy covers all the legal costs involved in a divorce linked to lawyers, experts and other legal costs to the tune of 3,750 euros.

The new policy is intended for married couples and provides support for both parties.  One party can also apply for the insurance separately.   Applying for the insurance once a divorce is underway won't work, because there is a built in waiting period of several years.

Wauthier Robyns notes that until now people seeking such coverage couldn't really be satisfied.  Coverage was only available in the event of an amicable settlement.  Until now if the two parties were determined to fight it out in the courts not a single insurer was prepared to provide coverage.

Belgian justice minister Koen Geens is among those pressing for greater coverage.  Wauthier Robyns notes the justice minister favours policies that include coverage of legal costs in the event of divorce or building disputes.  The government is also providing a 120 euro tax break for people getting insurance for legal costs.

Assuralia believes that this type of insurance ensures that citizens can be sure to get all the rights they are legally entitled too: legal support as well as the costs of the legal process and any expertise needed are covered.

It now remains to be seen whether other insurers will follow suit and offer similar policies.

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