Double engine failure on Brussels Airline flight

It has emerged that a Brussels Airline flight suffered a double engine failure earlier this month.  The plane was travelling from the Congolese capital Kinshasa to Brussels when the incident occurred.

Brussels Airlines is keen to stress that at no time were any of the passengers or crew in any danger, as planes are able to fly on one engine and the engines failed at different points.

The plane was able to land as planned.  It has been grounded for the past two weeks while investigators examine what happened.

It was on 10 December that the Airbus A330-200 embarked on its eventful evening journey.  One of the two engines failed, but fortunately the pilots succeeded in getting it to work again.  As the plane prepared to land the second engine too experienced problems that were unconnected to the other failure.  Fortunately, the pilots succeeded in landing the plane safely at Brussels Airport.

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