Hi-Viz protests escalate in Hainaut

Fresh protests by so-called Hi-Viz yellow vests have ended in riots in Hainaut, after trouble-makers had penetrated a crowd of regular protesters.

Various protests were held in Hainaut province in Wallonia last night. However, while there were hardly any incidents originally, riots broke out in Hensies, between Mons and the French border.

Police say hooligans joined regular protesters, after which a "heavy incident" took place, police reports. A lorry was robbed in a violent way and set on fire. Traffic on the E19 between Mons and France was still disrupted this morning. 

The yellow vests are raising their voices against the lack of purchasing power and the right-wing policies adopted by the government, among other things. The movement started in France, but there was a violent demonstration in Brussels a couple of weeks ago. 

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