Scout dies after accident with train

A 15-year-old boy scout has died after he was hit by a train near to Turnhout in Antwerp province. The boy was a member of the Thila Coloma Scouts Group from Mechelen (Antwerp province). Jan Van Reusel of Scouts and Guides Flanders told the press agency Belga that the boy had left the field where a Scouts’ weekend was taking place for an inexplicable reason.   

He had left on his bike. Once they realised that he had disappeared they started looking for boy. The police were informed.  

It later transpired that the boy had been involved in an accident with a train. He was taken to Antwerp University Hospital, where he died.  

The leadership of Scouts and Guides Flanders has expressed its deepest sympathy with the family and friends of the dead boy.

Scouts and Guides Flanders won’t give any details about the accident for the time being.


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