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Two injured as Belgian Galatasaray fans go on the rampage in Germany

Two people were injured on Saturday as fans of the Turkish football club Galatasaray went oon the rampage in the German city of Saarbrucken. Many of the 120 hooligans involved in the trouble came from Belgium, the rest were from other parts of Germany.

They had gone to Saarbrucken to attend the Legends Cup football tournament. The Legends Cup is a tournament for older footballers. As well as Galatasaray, 5 German teams were taking part. The trouble started when the hooligans, many of whom didn’t have tickets forced their way into the stadium.


The German police report that after some verbal provocation they group decided to storm into the stadium and begin fighting with supporters of FC Saarbrücken.

The police confiscated fireworks and blunt weapons. Two hooligans aged 19 and 21 were detained by police on suspicion of assault.  

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