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More and more of us using social media to send New Year’s wishes

More and more of us are ditching text messaging for social media when it comes to sending New Year’s greetings to our nearest and dearest. According to figures from the telecom operators.  Between 8pm on New Year’s Eve and 8am on New Year’s Day morning 130,000 gigabytes of mobile data was used in Belgium by customers of the operator Orange. This is 80% more than a year ago. 

A spokesperson for Orange told journalists that “New Year’s messages are above all being sent in the form of photos and videos via social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp are the most popular”.

Proximus customers used 120,000 gigabytes of data, 50% more than last year. Meanwhile, Telenet that also includes Base reports that its customers used 87,000 gigabytes of data between 8pm on 31/12/18 and 8am on 1/1/19, up 22% on last year.    

The traditional text message continues to lose ground. This year the number of text messages send was down 10% on last year. At total of 33.7 text messages were sent between 8pm on New Year’s Eve and 8am on New Year’s Day. This is less than the half the number that were sent during the same period 5 years ago. 

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