"We expected a busy night and got one!"

Brussels wasn't the only locality where the situation got out of hand on New Year's Eve.  Up in Antwerp too incidents were reported involving rockets, refuse bins and Christmas trees.

On the Koningin Astridplein youngsters used firecrackers to explode a refuse bin.  Two people suffered damage to their hearing as a result.  In Hoboken a scooter was set alight, while in Deurne rockets were fired at passing trams.

Elsewhere in the city youngsters fired off rockets at each other!  "Dangerous and potentially life-threatening" said Wouter Bruyns of Antwerp police.  Several houses and vehicles were damaged including police vans that were hit by rockets.

Rockets were used to set Christmas trees alight too.  "They didn't even stop their mischief when the fire service appeared" said Wouter Bruyns.  "We expected a busy night and got one!"

Several people were arrested, mainly for being drunk and disorderly.  In all 100,000 people went to watch the public fireworks display in Antwerp.

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