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How much chance this note is fake?

The amount of fake cash in circulation has fallen to an all-time low.  On average only 35 banknotes in a million are fake today.

Belgium's central bank estimates that there are some 30,000 false banknotes in circulation in the country.  Few are the members of the public who still scrutinise a banknote they receive to see if it is counterfeit.  Experts suggest euro banknotes should have a special feel, a watermark and a special light effect if you tilt it in the light.

Some fake notes are made in Asia especially to be burned in honour of Buddha.  Tourists may bring the fake euro notes with Chinese lettering back to Belgium where they could enter circulation!

63% of transactions are still made in cash.  The National Bank carries out routine checks on notes in circulation: 600 million notes are checked each year. New 100 and 200 euro notes with additional security features are being issued in May.

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