Pictures of Belgian rail disaster appear on Netflix

The Belgian rail company NMBS is examining whether it can take action against the US online streaming service after pictures of the Buizingen rail disaster appeared in a thriller on Netflix.  Neither the rail company nor relatives of those killed are pleased with the development.  The rail company wasn't aware that the pictures would be used.

In "Death Note" a news anchor reads out a report about five members of a drugs cartel who threw themselves under the wheels of a train.  Aerial pictures of the Buizingen disaster are used to illustrate this.  NMBS spokesman Dimitri Temmerman: "We will have to respond.  Our permission wasn't sought.  A response is needed out of respect for the victims of the rail disaster and everybody who was involved, rail staff and emergency workers."

"It gave us a shock.  They just use the pictures to illustrate any accident.  It's a shock for the relatives when you are watching a movie and you are suddenly confronted with the pictures."

19 people died in the disaster, 310 were injured.

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