Prisoner escapes through the front door

A prisoner escaped from Namur jail on New Year's Day by walking straight through the front door!

The 39-year-old jail bird is well known to the authorities and still on the loose. Christian Lefevre, a native of Namur, was busy cleaning the prison entrance in his prison outfit when he managed to abscond.  Mr Lefevre made his getaway when prison guards were distracted.  The front door of the prison was open to allow cleaning to proceed.

The judicial authorities have issued an alert for the jailbird, who stands 1m70 tall and is of a normal build.  His eyes are brown as is his hair that is receding.  The prison outfit he was wearing included white trousers, a black jumper and a white coat.  Mr Lefevre was seen heading in the direction of the railway station. Questions are been raised about the amount of trust he enjoyed as there were already problems when he was supposed to return from his prison leave that he's been enjoying on a regular basis since 2017.  

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