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Unemployment in Brussels down for the 50th consecutive month

Unemployment in the Brussels-Capital Region has fallen for the 50th consecutive month. At the end of December there were 88,317 registered as being unemployed. This is 15.7% of the working population. The figures come from the Brussels regional employment service Actiris. 

The figures are the lowest December figures since 1992. Nevertheless, the unemployment rate in Brussels is still two and a half times greater than in Flanders, where the figures for November 2018 show an unemployment rate of 6.08%.  

Actiris says that in December 2018 unemployment in the Brussels-Capital Region fell for the 50th consecutive month. At the end of 2018 there were 2,774 fewer people registered as being unemployed in Brussels than at the end of 2017, a fall of 3%. The fall is greater still compared with the end of 2016 (-8.7%) and 2015 (-12.3%).  

Although still very high at 23.2%, youth unemployment (under 25’s) has fallen by almost a third compared with 2014.

Although the figures are encouraging, especially given that the population in the Brussels-Capital has increased considerably in recent years, unemployment in Brussels remains much higher than in Flanders and Wallonia.    

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