Unemployment in Flanders at the lowest level for 10 years

Unemployment in Flanders has fallen to its lowest level for 10 years. At the end of December 6.1% of the working population in Flanders was registered unemployed. This is the lowest level since before the onset of economic crisis in 2008. Although, Flanders has much lower unemployment than Brussels or Wallonia, our region is only about average when compared to other EU countries.   

Unemployment in Flanders has been falling constantly since 2015. At the end of 2018 there were 186,807 people in Flanders registered unemployed. This is down 15,959 on the end of December last year.

28.7% of those unemployed in Flanders have foreign roots. Unemployment among this group is fallen slightly less quickly than within the population as a whole. However, this discrepancy is narrowing.  

At 6.1% unemployment in Flanders is much lower than in Wallonia (13.2%) or Brussels (15.7%). Nevertheless, it is only about mid-table compared with other EU countries. Our neighbours Luxembourg, The Netherlands and above all Germany have far lower unemployment than Flanders. Meanwhile, unemployment in France is much higher than it is here.    

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