Fire Service frees 10-year-old boy from chimney

The Brussels Fire Service received a rather unusual call on Friday evening. Fire-fighters were called to a house in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe to free a 10-year-old boy that had got stuck up a chimney. The boy was freed with relative ease and was not injured as a result of his ordeal.  


Walter Derieuw of the Brussels Fire Service told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that “The boy was playing with a torch, he is probably an amateur potholer”.    

"His torch fell into the chimney cavity. He tried to get it back, but his legs got stuck. His parents called the fire service to free him”.    

The fire-fighters were able to free the boy quite quickly. "They turned him into position until there was the least resistance and were then able to pull him out gently”. The chimney structure remained intact.

The boy was unharmed.

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