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Older white collar staff earn much more than their younger colleagues

According a survey by the human resources service provider Acerta a 55-year-old work collar worker earns an average of 76.38% more than a white collar worker aged 25. The figures are based on gross income.  

For every 100 euro earned by a white collar worker that is 25, a 55-year-old white collar worker earns 176.38 euro, offered for doing exactly the same work.  

There are a number of reason for the discrepancy. Over 30 years the old worker might have been promoted and will have seen his/her wage rise due to the number of years worked at a particular company or public service.

The wage difference between old and young is often greater in larger companies as they offer more career development opportunities.

There are big variations between the various industries. For example in banking and insurance a 55 year-old ears as much as twice the amount paid to their 25-year-old colleague. The differences are also greater than average in the chemical and metal industries. Meanwhile, the difference in wage levels between older and younger employees smaller than average in the social provision and distribution industries.    

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