Antwerp rapper's latest song defends underage girl’s pimp

The latest song by the Antwerp rapper Soufiane Eddyani has caused something of a storm. Soufiane Eddyani uses the song entitled ‘Amigo’ to come to the defence of his friend and fellow rapper Bilal “Moreno” A. Nothing wrong with that you might say. However, in 2016 Bilal "Moreno" A was convicted of having forced a 15-year-old girl into prostitution. The Flemish nationalist MP Zuhal Demir is outraged and has asked broadcaster’s to boycott the rapper’s music and to explain why to their young audiences.    


To say that Soufiane Eddyani’s music is popular is something of an understatement. The video of his latest track ‘Amigo’ has been watched 300,000 times in the two days since its release. However, the lyrics of the track are controversial as they defend a man that forced an underage girl into prostitution for his own personal gain.  

In the song Soufiane Eddyani tells of his friendship with Bilal A. and how they smoked joints together when they were younger. The song goes onto say that Bilal A. had no option other to do what he did as he lived in poverty and was “screwed by the system”.  

On Instagram Soufiane Eddyani posted “For the past two weeks I have felt empty because of your absence” under the hashtag #freemoreno.

“Your past has followed you for years because of one thing in the media”. 

Indignant reactions on social media

The Ghent rapper Faith has issued a scathing reaction to Soufiane Eddyani’s words. Writing on Twitter Faith said “He just wants to look tough and play the gangster”.

Others responded by posing the question “Do you realise that there were victims here?”

Meanwhile, Soufiane Eddyani has been named the first “men are trash” a title given by social media users to men that treat women badly.   

Meanwhile, the former Secretary of State responsible for equal opportunities has also responded. Zuhal Demir (Flemish nationalist) says that “boundaries” need to be set. “His audience is made up of pubescent boys and girls that are ofter vulnerable. He is now asking them to put the child rape and lover boy practices of his friend into perspective. I find it sickening”.    

"I want the organisers of festivals and television stations to realise what message they are promoting”.  

“Take responsibility. Know what message he is conveying. Point him out to children and above all don’t give him a platform for this kind of messages any more. I want there to be a debate about this Ms Demir said”.    

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