Belgian Foreign Minister hopes to become the Council of Europe’s new Secretary-General

The Foreign Minister in Belgium’s Caretaker Federal Government, Didier Reynders (Francophone liberal) has put himself forward as a candidate for the post of Secretary-General of the Council of Europe. Mr Reynders has harboured international ambitions for some time. If he is elected to the post it will mean his exit from Belgian Politics. 

Mr Reynders has been a Federal Government Minister since 1999.

The Council of Europe’s new Secretary General will take office on 1 October this year. Mr Reynders’ candidature has been confirmed to VRT News by several reliable source.

The deadline for candidates is 10 January. The candidates will be interviewed in March and a final decision on who will get the post.

Mr Reyders is 60 and if he is appointed as Secretary-General of the Council of Europe it will almost certainly spell the end of his career in Belgian domestic politics. Nevertheless, Mr Reynders will still be a candidate for the federal election in the Brussel constituency this coming May.  

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