Transport unions take action at border crossings

The socialist and Christian transport unions have set up filtering road blocks at several of the busiest border crossings between Belgium and France and Belgium and The Netherlands. They are protesting against proposals by the European Commission to make changes to the rules governing lorry and bus drivers’ driving and rest times.     

The two unions warn that the proposals that will be voted on in the European Parliament later this month will mean  that international bus and lorry drivers will be able to drive for longer without a break and won’t have to rest for as long between shifts. They believe that this will threaten the safety of the drivers and that of other road-users.  

One of the proposals in the EU plan is to allow international lorry drivers to spend their long weekly break in their cabs. Currently this is forbidden. Furthermore, if passed the plan will allow bus drivers driving in their home country to drive for 12 consecutive days.  Currently tis is only the case if they a driving abroad.  

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