Fresh allegations against Antwerp rapper

Fresh allegations have surfaced against the Antwerp rapper Bilal A. (photo above, right), better-known under his artist’s name of Moreno. Moreno was already convicted of having been the pimp of an underage girl, an offence that he was given a 6-year-prison sentence for in 2016. He was released under electronic surveillance after having served 29 months of his sentence.  

The new allegations are being investigated by the Ghent (East Flanders) Judicial Authorities.

The Judicial Authorities’ spokeswoman Ann Schoonjans told journalists that “I can confirm that a complaint has been made, but can give no further details”.

In 2016 the rapper Moreno was sentenced to 6 years in prison after having been found guilty of the sexual exploitation of a 15-year-old girl. His friend, the Antwerp rapper Soufiane Eddyani (photo above, left) dedicated his last track ‘Amigo’ to him.

All indications point to the new allegations against Moreno coming from a statement made from a teenage girl that had run away from a children’s home. She claimed that two of her friends, both of whom underage lodged with Moreno’s home last summer. The rapper and convicted child pimp was in hiding at the time after he had breached the conditions of his electronic surveillance and was wanted by the police.   

Further investigation will ascertain the validity of the new allegations. Moreno has not yet been question about them.  

Two months ago the rapper was detained when the police saw him driving around in the centre of Antwerp with his friend Soufiane Eddyani. He was sent back to prison for a couple of weeks before being released again under electronic surveillance in December. The Public Prosecutor opposed Moreno’s release, saying that there were new allegations against him. However, the magistrates at the custody hearing didn’t feel that this was a good enough reason to keep Moreno in custody.     

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