"Everything you can imagine, they did to me"

Victims of teenage pimps have given an account of their experiences.  Often these are girls of barely 13 or 14 and are forced into prostitution by pimps who are often only in their teens too.

Angelina was 13 when she became a runaway and that didn't happen out of choice!  She got in with the wrong crowd, men, who enticed her with the prospect of drugs.

"One day one of these guys picked me up after school.  He held a gun to my head. Either I set to work or he would shoot me dead.  That's how I started the work."

Aged only 14 at the time, seven days a week she was visited by clients.  I had over twenty clients a day.  I could hardly walk because of the pain.  Everything you can imagine they did to me.  Often I said I couldn't continue.  You can't imagine how I was beaten!"

A police operation eventually saved her.

"I cried for joy!  At last no more dirty men will touch me!  After her police interview she was placed in a youth centre, but on her 18th birthday she was told she had to leave."

Journalists on VRT's Terzake programme also spoke with another victim, Stefanie.

"If you get twenty customers a day it's something you carry with you all your life.  I'm doing my level best to put my life back on track, just to be happy once again."

Saskia Van Nieuwehove is a woman who takes care of victims of teenage prostitution in Belgium.

"You can't imagine how quickly the girls progress once they are with me!"

Ms Van Nieuwehove insists that teenagers are still listed on several websites including Afspraakjes.com and Redlights.be.

"I can guarantee you'll find teenage girls there!  It says they are 18, but I believe better systems need to be put in place to ensure the women are really 18."

(We changed the girls' names to protect their identity.)

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