We missed CEO Jackpot Day!

We're talking about 43,000 euros made in only six working days!  It was the CNE trade union that made the calculation and named the day "CEO Jackpot Day"!

According to the union the average Belgian CEO of companies listed on the BEL20 blue chip index made 1.97 million euros last year.  The figure is 5% down on the year, but over 22% up on three years ago.

Per day a Belgian CEO makes 7,596 euros a day.  Less than six CEO days are needed to make the Belgian worker's median annual salary of 43,082 euros.

Wouter Torfs of the Torfs shoe conglomerate was willing to comment!

"For ordinary people it's quite a shock. They compare their wages to those of top managers, but comparisons never make you happy.  The important thing is that you're happy with what you earn and that you are fairly remunerated.”

Mr Torfs notes that CEOs are responsible for the salaries of an awful lot of people, but that the gap between the highest and the lowest earners shouldn't be too great. At Torfs, not a BEL20 company, the difference between the highest and the lowest wages is no greater than a factor of ten!

Mr Torfs also points to the going rate and says managers may move around if they can get a better deal elsewhere.  He is eager to tie in good managers to his business.  The CEO acknowledges the need to increase the lowest wages.  Pointing to the social unrest in France and Belgium he notes that the political class cannot ignore signs if ordinary people can't make ends meet.

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