Vilvoorde Sikh temple to reopen after clash

The Sikh temple in Vilvoorde is set to reopen after two years.  Two years ago the mayor of Vilvoorde closed the temple after a brawl involving several clans.

Hans Bonte: "We have received all the information from the people behind the temple that we require.  We know who is responsible and who owns the premises.  Together with the police we took the decision to allow the temple to reopen."

"Work will have to be undertaken to ensure there are no problems with fire safety and there are emergency exits.  This work is underway.  As soon as the fire service gives the green light the temple can be used once again."

Vilvoorde only boasts a couple dozen Sikhs, but its central location means the temple attracts hundreds of faithful from outlying areas.

The Sikh faith originated in northern India in the 16th century.  It is based on equality, justice and freedom for all.

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