A record year for Belgium’s National Lottery

Belgium’s National Lottery enjoyed another record year in 2018 with an increase in both the number of players and the amount of money handed out in prizes. The traditional lottery was played almost 80 million times with 910 million euro being handed out in prize money during 2018. 44 of the winners them became millionaires.  

During last year 6.7 million Belgians bought a National Lottery product at least once. 1.2 million people in Belgium buy a lottery product at least once a week.

A total of 256,464,976 traditional lottery tickets and scratch cards were sold. This was good for a turnover of 1.327 billion euro, 320 million euro of which was donated to a host of worthy causes.   

There were 79,858,572 winners in 2018, up 15% on 2017. They won a total of 910.4 million euro. The largest amount won, a Euro Millions jackpot win was 107 million euro.  

The number of scratch cards sold rose by 7% and 891,000 people played lottery games online last year, up 19.8% up on 2017.   

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