British firm puts up reward to trace Waregem jewelry shop robbers

A jeweler from the West Flemish town of Waregem is being given help from across the Channel to try and find the criminals that carried out a brutal robbery at his shop in November. The jeweler’s insurance company have contacted a company in the UK that has now of a quarter of a million euro reward to anyone providing information that leads to the robbers’ arrest. 

The reward will also be given to anyone proving information that leads to some of what was stolen being recovered. In November of last a group of robbers waited for the jeweller and his wife to arrive home.


The couple were struck repeatedly and threatened. The jeweller’s wife was tied up and the jeweller was forced at gunpoint to accompany the robberies to his shop where they took 2.5 million euro’s worth of jewellery.


The 250,000 euro that is being offered as a reward is 10% of the value of what was taken.      

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