Extra breathalyser tests all weekend

From 6pm on Friday evening until 6am on Monday police services across the country will be carrying out extra breathalyser test on motorists as part of the “Weekend without alcohol behind the wheel”.  Motorists will be tested for alcohol at locations all over Belgium, both on main roads and minor roads. 

It is not the first time that a “Weekend without alcohol behind the wheel” has been organised. The last one was in June of last year. Then 32,000 motorists were breathalysed, just over 2% of whom were found to be over the limit.     

By warning motorists that the chance that they will be breathalysed will be greater than normal this weekend, the police hope that motorists that are under the influence will find alternative means of transport. For example they could take public transport, a taxi or designate someone in their party to do the driving and not drink any alcohol.       

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