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EU makes Belgium bigger!

The European Union has insisted on changes to the way that Belgium calculates its size. In future our golden beaches too will be included in Belgium’s size in calculations that will include the area that is above water at low tide. Belgium is now 160 square kilometres bigger than it was only two years ago.

As a result of the EU intervention Belgium has grown in retrospect since the beginning of 2018.

The inclusion of the beaches isn't the only reason why Belgium is now a bigger country.  Prof De Maeyer, a lecturer in geography at Ghent University, says the beaches only play a minor role.  A new calculation method should trash a number of inaccuracies of the past as measurements become ever more accurate.  However, the new calculation method is based on a theoretical model and may differ from geographic measurements, Prof De Maeyer notes.

Most observers insist the new figure won't have much impact.  Belgium is now less densely populated than it was and the statistics office may have to modify some other figures too.  Implications on Belgium's contribution to the EU budget, if any, are not immediately clear.

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