"A Belgian Confederation is our highest ambition"

Bart De Wever, the leader of Belgium’s biggest party, has spoken of his ambition to return the N-VA to government after the 26 May general election.  Speaking at his party’s New Year's do in Mechelen the leader of the Flemish nationalist party N-VA restated his party's hope to turn Belgium into a federation of two confederated states.  This he described as the party's "highest ambition".

The N-VA left the government last December out of unhappiness with Belgium's approval of the UN Global Compact on Migration.

Mr De Wever noted the ambition of Elio Di Rupo, the former PM and leader of the Francophone socialists.  He, Mr Di Rupo, wishes to reconquer Wallonia.  "He can govern Wallonia with left wing policies, with his friends, for his own account, but only after Belgium is transformed into a confederal state”.  Bart De Wever: "We will not join the PS in a federal government just in order to manage the country as it is."

The N-VA leader acknowledges that in order to achieve its highest ambition, the N-VA will need allies: "My message today is that we should not allow ourselves to be side-lined."

“We have a clear programme with ambitions in fields of security, migration, sound finances and social economic reform.”

Afterwards the N-VA's former partner in the government, the Flemish Christian democrats, used colourful language.  CD&V leader Wouter Beke: "They've just blown up the federal government.  It's like wishing to mount the Mt Ventoux after first puncturing your own and other people's tires.  It will be a difficult stage through the mountains.”

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