Sophie Kip

Hi-Viz death: "Police have their man"

Dutch news outlets are reporting that the lorry driver suspected of running over and killing a Hi-Viz protester outside Visé last week has been arrested by Dutch police.

Belgian prosecutors on Saturday announced that they were looking for a 56-year-old Dutch national, who drove on after running over and killing a 50-year-old demonstrator on the E25 motorway.  The victim formed part of a blockade on the motorway operated by some 30 demonstrators eager to protest against fuel taxes and the cost of living.

An eyewitness wrote down the driver’s number plate allowing police to identify the firm and the driver.  The lorry was found on a carpark in Tilburg just north of the Belgian border.

More details have emerged about the protest in which the victim was involved: cars were allowed through the blockade, lorries were not.  The suspect is believed to have tried to force his way through the blockade, while a demonstrator attempted to smash his window with a key.  The driver then drove on with the victim ending up under his wheels.

The exact nature of events is the subject of an investigation, but Belgian police are working on the assumption the driver ran down the victim on purpose.

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