65 earth tremors in or near to Belgium during 2018

According to figures compiled by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (KSB). There were 65 natural earth tremors in or in the direct vicinity of Belgium during 2018. This compares to 90 such tremors during 2017. 

In addition to 65 natural earth tremors, the observatory also recorded 21 tremors that had come about as a result human activity. There were also 175 controlled explosions that also caused the earth under our feet to move during 2018.    

The lion’s share of the seismic activity went unnoticed. Of the tremors just 2 were felt by the general public. The first was in Kinrooi, in Limburg Province, on 25 May and had magnitude of 3.1. The second had a magnitude of 2.3 and registered at Sprimont, in Liège Province on 13 September.      

A controlled explosion at the Schelde Quay in the heart of Antwerp also caused a tremor that was noticed by members of the public.  

The earth tremor at Kinrooi was felt mainly in Limburg, Luxembourg and Liège provinces.

The Royal Observatory of Belgium of Belgium says that not material damage was caused by earth tremors in Belgium during 2018.

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