Bart De Wever hopes to become Flemish PM

The Flemish Nationalist Party leader Bart De Wever has announced that he hopes to become the new Prime Minister in the Flemish Government after the regional elections in May. Mr De Wever is currently the Mayor of Antwerp, a post he has held for the past six years. 

While Mr De Wever will head the Flemish Nationalist list in Antwerp Province, the current Flemish Prime Minister Geert Bourgeois will head the Flemish nationalists’ for the European Parliament. Meanwhile, the former Interior Minister and current Mayor of Brasschaat Jan Jambon will head the nationalists list in Antwerp Province and is “a candidate federal Prime Minister” .

At the press conference held by the party on Monday morning Mr De Wever said that “A takeover of power by the Francophone socialists must be avoided at all costs. We want a healthy, strong and social country” Mr De Wever added that “The answer is of course conferderalism”.  

If Mr De Wever were to become Prime Minister in the Flemish Government he would no longer be able to remain Mayor of Antwerp.  “Until a week ago I said that I would remain Mayor. The person De Wever still wants to do so.

However, he is now in conflict with De Wever, the Party Leader. We believe that this is the best choice. The First Alderman in Antwerp’s City Cabinet Koen Kennis is tipped to take-over from Mr De Wever if and when the time comes.


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