More trains failing to stop at red signals

There was a big increase in the number of trains going through red signals on Belgium’s rail network during 2018. On the mainlines of our rail network there were 87 incidents of trains going through a signal on red. This is up from 55 such incidents in 2017.  


The trains that were involved in the incidents were maintenance trains, goods trains and passenger trains. 41 incidents involved passenger trains (up from 24 in 2017), 22 incidents involved goods trains (up from 13) and 24 incidents involved maintenance trains (up from 18).   

The figures are comparable with those from 2015 and 2016. There is no explanation for why the 2018 figures were higher than those for 2017.

However, the rail infrastructure management company Infrabel is keen to stress that the incidents of trains jumping a red signal often a trains stopping a few dozen metres after the signal and involve little if any risk.   

Last year there were just 24 “potentially dangerous situations” involving trains that had jumped signals.



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