Moroccan IT experts to fill Flemish vacancies

The Flemish employers’ federation VOKA and the Belgian technology industry federation Agoria are to look outside the EU in an effort to fill vacancies for much-needed IT specialists. VOKA’s Chief Executive Officer Hans Maertens has confirmed the validity of a report in the daily ‘De Standaard’ that says that a pilot project has been started up in Morocco. 

There are currently 4,000 vacancies for just 900 IT specialists that are seeking work in Flanders. The shortage of trained IT specialists in Flanders is highly acute. Together with the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service VDAB and the Belgian development aid agency ENABEL, Agoria and VOKA a pilot project to recruit much needed IT staff has been set up in Morocco.       

With the financial assistance totaling 1.2 million euro from the European Commission 30 Moroccan IT experts will be brought to Flanders to take up vacant positions here. There will be selected in their home country by the Moroccan employment service ANAPEC. Here they will be given help in finding somewhere to stay. They will pay for their accomodation and will be paid the going rate for the work they do here.