Rush-hour misery after multi-vehicle accident on Antwerp Orbital

The drive into work was even more arduous than normal for thousands of motorists that use the Antwerp Orbital Motorway for their daily commute. A multi-vehicle accident on the Ghent-bound carriageway of the motorway led to the closure of 4 of the motorway’s 5 lanes.


The accident was finally cleared at around 8:30am. However, is took some time to clear the congestion that had built up both on the Antwerp Orbital and the motorways join the road such.  

At least 1 car and two lorries were involved in the accident. The car driver was had to be freed from his vehicle. By 8am the driver had been freed and the damaged vehicles could be towed away and the debris cleared.  

Although, the lanes closed reopened at around 8:30 the congestion that had built up was such that delays are likely to take most of the morning to clear. The toll at the Liefkenshoektunnel is being waived for as long as it takes the congestion to clear. 

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