More than 1,500 employees protest Proximus’ restructuring plan

More than 1,500 employees of the telecom firm Proximus are staging a protest against company’s restructuring plan. The protest is taking place outside Proximus’ Headquarters. There is also a strike taking place today against the restructuring plan.

A meeting between the trade unions and Proximus management was to have been held today. However, the unions are not planning to attend. "We are going to boycott the talks” Laurent Malengreau of the socialist union CGSP Télécom told VRT News.

As a result of the strike a number of Proximus shops and call centres are closed. Some of the company’s other department are also subject to disruption as a result of the action. Nevertheless, the unions say that their action is not intended to affect customers.  

The VRT’s economics editor Steven Rombauts said on VRT Radio that “Those that wish to can go to work. Those that are striking are doing so to make clear that compulsory redundancies are unacceptable”.

Proximus wants to shed 1,900 jobs over the next three years, while at the same time recruiting 1,250 digital experts.   

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