Nemmouche terror trial halted due to issues with juror

The trial of the man accused of carrying out the 2014 attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels and his accomplice was adjourned on Tuesday morning due to issues with one of the members of the jury. The juror had previously worked for one of the examining magistrates involved in the case. 

This could create issues regarding impartiality. As a result of this the trial judges decided to uphold a request that the juror should be replaced.   

The defence of the man accused of having carried out the attack in which 4 people died Mehdi Nemmouch was to have got under way on Tuesday morning. However, the morning sitting was taken up by issues surrounding one of the jurors. The Public Prosecutor and the barrister representing the man alleged to have been Medhi Nemmouche’s accomplice Nacer Bendrer requested that the juror be replaced.  

Mr Bendrer’s barrister Gilles Vanderbeck told VRT News that "We want this trial to take place with the upmost impartiality. The judges and jurors should not have any prejudice towards the two accused”.  

However, Medhi Nemmouche defence team had no objections to the juror remaining on the jury.

It took the court more than an hour to reach a decision on whether the juror should be replaced.

This is the second jury member to be replaced since the trial started. Last week a juror asked to be excused from jury service as she was unable to find anyone to look after her children.      

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