The price of tattoos and cookery books helps decide whether our wages increase

Nine products and services have been added to the list that is used to calculate the consumer price index. This is the index to which wages, pension and benefits in Belgium are linked. The nine items that have been added to the basket of products and services used to calculate the index include tattoos, cookery books and second-hand cars. 

The Federal Economy Minister Kris Peeters (Flemish Christian democrat) has given the green light for the new products and services to be included in the basket.

In so doing Mr Peeters is enacting an agreement made with the employers’ federations and the trade unions.  

The price of products and services included in the basket are used to calculate the consumer price index that in turn is used to determine how much wages and benefits are increased in order to keep pace with inflation. The list of products and services in the basket is reviewed each year and modifications are made every January.    

The other six products and services that have been added are the price of renting student digs, the hourly rate charged by a roofer, the cost of changing a door lock, the price of thermic compressors, the price of prams and the rated charged by dietitians for a consultation.