Belgian business woefully unprepared for Brexit!

Only one in five Belgian businesses trading with Britain is ready to fulfil customs formalities on shipments bound for the UK after it leaves the European Union at the end of March.  An estimated 25,000 Belgian companies trade across the English Channel.  Today 20,000 remain unprepared.

Belgian customs are launching a new information campaign this very week.  It's vital that Belgian business prepares because the UK is a crucial trading partner and exports generate great wealth and prosperity for the people of Belgium.

Confusion this side of the water is possibly even greater than in the UK after the Westminster parliament threw out the deal negotiated between the UK government and the EU on Tuesday.

Belgian deputy premier Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) notes that unless the UK abandons Brexit, Belgian businesses will have to fulfil customs formalities after 29 March, if they wish to export to the UK.  Companies whose products indirectly end up in Britain too need to look into the situation.  It's been two decades and a half since most companies were confronted with customs formalities.  Companies require an EORI number.  Without this number they cannot export or import. 

Mr De Croo says: "It's not only the customs who need to prepare for Brexit! Businesses too should get ready!

By the end of the week Belgian businesses trading with the UK should receive a letter from the customs providing them with their EORI number.  Companies then have to inform the authorities who is entitled to use the number.