12,500 play truant for the climate

Schoolchildren gathered for a second protest outside Brussels Central Station in support of our climate this morning.  To take part in the demonstration most of the pupils are playing truant from school.  Despite the bad weather the protest seems to have attracted more children this week.  Last week 3,000 schoolchildren took part.

Slogans include "There's no Planet B", "Make Love Not CO2" and "Bla bla bla, act now!"  From the Central Station pupils will be heading for the Koningsplein, the Luxemburgplein and back to the Central Station via Madou.

The schoolchildren grouped in "Youth for Climate" are eager to see politicians work on a binding climate plan that has the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C.  The children are receiving the support of "Grandparents for the Climate".

Not all participants are playing truant.  Pupils from the Gentbrugge Atheneum in Ghent are participating as part of an educational outing.  120 pupils headed for Brussels this morning accompanied by teachers and school head.