A slippery start to the day

You will no doubt have noticed when you left for work or school this morning that it was rather slippery under foot. Temperatures in most areas fell well below zero during the night and patches of ice had formed on many pavements. In an effort to keep the roads ice-free one thousand tonnes of salt was spread on the region’s roads by gritting teams.   

Despite this, conditions remained treacherous in some places such as the area around Ghent.

Veva Daniëls of the Flemish Highways’ Agency told VRT News that “The Highways Agency was active across Flanders last night and we spread a thousand tonnes of salt. We have also carried out inspections onsite to look at the condition of the road surface”.   

The 1,000 tonnes of salt used to keep Flemish roads ice free on Thursday night compares with total of 40 tonnes of salt that was used by gritting teams across Flanders last year.

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