"No to nonsense" action against fake news in Bruges

The Ryckevelde Europe House, a pro-European organisation from the West Flemish city of Bruges, has taken action against fake news. Ryckevelde Europe House staged its protest in Bruges on Friday. The organisation believes that fake news has influenced a number of world events including the Brexit vote in the UK. 

"Fake news" is news that is not entirely true. It is spread by political parties, pressure groups and in some cases even foreign governments in order to influence public opinion.

The Ryckevelde Europe House is an organisation strives to provide the general public with accurate information about Europe and its institutions. The organisation expects that with the federal, regional and European elections nearing the amount of fake news being circulated will increase. 

One of those taking part in the action Fauke Deceuninck told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that “Fake news has always existed in the form of propaganda. More and more people are getting their news from social media and that is the place where more fake news is spread”.    

"People are less critical when reading items on social media and often only read the headline and not the complete article. This can often result in people being misled”, Mr Fauke.