Oldest Brussels tour guides’ association launches “Brexit Walk”

The oldest tour guides association in Brussels the Association of Guides for Brussels and Belgium (GBB) is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding with a new logo and a new website. 

The new website  offers practicle information about GBB's walks. One of the association’s new guided walks focuses on Brexit and the British presence in Brussels.   

GBB’s 50th anniversary celebration form the basis of an article that appears in Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. A spokesperson for the association told the paper that face to face contact, the speed with which it is able to deal with requests for those seeking tour in Brussels or elsewhere in Belgium and its ability to tailor its tours to suit its customers are its major selling points.  

GBB’s members also follow the news and there are walks that are tailored to reflect current affairs.

“We are currently working on a walk about the Brexit and the English presence the capital”, a GBB spokesperson told the paper.   

The precise route of the walk and what will be visited is still to be determined.

 “In addition to this we are also offering guided tours about Pieter Bruegel the Elder as part of the Flemish Masters Project that is putting the painter in the spotlight during 2019”.

GBB has 47 qualified guides offering. English is the language most spoken during the walks followed by German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.  


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