Club Brugge beaten at home by Sporting Charleroi

The reigning League Champions Club Brugge have made something of a false start to 2019 with a 0-1 home defeat at the hands of Sporting Charleroi. The result sees Charleroi move back up into the top 6. Meanwhile, Club Brugge now trail the league-leaders KRC Genk by 10 points.   

The first half saw Club Brugge displayed sloppiness and this was capitalised upon by Charleroi. Although Club Brugge were better team they were unable to create chances. Meanwhile, a corner sufficed to provide Sporting Charleroi with what the needed to go one-up. Angella headed home what was to be the only goal of the game on 18 minutes.

It wasn’t until nearly the end of the half that Club Brugge were able to threaten the Charleroi Penneteau’s goal.

The Club Brugge Coach Ivan Leko brought in Schrijvers for Nakamba. The home side when on the lookout fora n equaliser. However, things went for bad to worse at the back. Poulain, Denswil and Amrabat handed Sporting Charleroi chances on a plate, but Osimhen failed to widen the visitors’ lead.

Meanwhile, there were near-misses for Vormer and Schrijvers.   

The remaining 30 minutes of the game were marked by debatable decisions by the referee. Charleroi’s Angella made contact with the ball with his hand during a fall. However, no foul was given. Club Brugge’s Amrabat and Dennis were only given a yellow card for fouls for which many other referees would have sent them off.

In the 8th minute of stoppage time Vanaken believed that he should have been given a penalty. However, it was not to be an instead he was given a yellow card. The match ended 0-1 to Sporting Charleroi

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