Cold spell set to continue

The Royal Metrological Institute reports that the current cold spell will continue for at least another week. Temperatures today won’t reach any higher than between 1 and 2 degrees in the Ardennes and between 3 and 4 degrees in Flanders. Sunday night will be clear and cold. However, there is a chance of some localised freezing fog. 

Temperatures will fall below freezing across the country. -4°C to -8°C is forecast for northern and central areas with temperatures falling to between -6°C to -12°C in the south and east of the country. Temperatures could fall to -18°C in some valleys in the Ardennes.      

The clear night will provide early risers with ideal conditions to watch the lunar eclipse at around 6am on Monday.  

Monday will be cold and sunny. Temperatures in the Ardennes will remain under freezing all day. In Flanders they will be top temperatures of just above freezing.  

A depression will bring snow from the west on Tuesday. During the day it will remain mainly dry, but with a few snow showers near to the coast. Temperatures will won’t get above -2°C in the Ardennes. Elsewhere there will be top temperatures of between 1°C and 4°C.    

There is a chance of freezing fog on Wednesday morning with some wintery showers. In the Ardennes it will remain cloudy with snow showers. Temperatures will fluctuate between -1°C and 3°C.   

On Thursday and Friday the weather will be changeable. However, the chance of further snow will diminish.